December 25, 2012

Matthew Perryman Jones..Tunes For Today

With the holidays upon us I am struck with the thought that we shouldn't wait to celebrate simply on holidays. There are so many moments that happen in a day that deserve celebrating + it's the collection of all those small moments that really make up a life. It's the smile of a stranger, the heads up penny you pick up for good luck, the hug you receive that feels so good you hold on a bit tighter, the first sip of coffee or tea in the morning, the knowing that you are loved + appreciated. I chatted with a woman the other day who had recently lost her husband...when I wished her happy holidays she replied, " but everyday that we wake up is a holiday". Indeed it is so...happy holidays or rather happy everyday. Don't take any of it for granted...the good, the bad + all the in-between. This is your life + it is so worth celebrating everyday.

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