December 28, 2012

Taken by the artwork of Paul Richard...

While on a walk downtown today I was stopped in my tracks by this portrait painted right below my feet on the sidewalk...this amazing little painting between the cracks of dirty pavement where so many walk each day. I stopped to take this photo + wondered how many people have walked by it or over it without even seeing it. Perhaps that was the point, to remind us to open our eyes because there is so much we are missing. Focus on the moment + what is right in front of you floated through my thoughts. Don't worry about the future or be concerned with the past, the moment is now. The artist is Paul Richard, a noted street artist + today for me a sage of sorts with the gentle reminder to give your energy to the current moment,  you will never have it back again.

to see his other work click on over here

Accidental Brilliance original photograph

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