December 27, 2012

Use Your Voice...International Rescue Committee

We are each driven by different motivators that get us out of bed in the morning + let us sleep soundly at night. Very deeply I have always felt that we are all here to help others. Making a contribution however we can is, so very important. The International Rescue Committee has impressed me for a very long time. They respond to the world's worst crises + help people survive + rebuild their lives. At work in over 40 countries + 22 U.S. cities, they address crisis with compassion. Their mission is simple...bring help + hope. As wars rage on + natural disasters continue to ravage our earth, millions face unimaginable suffering. There are so many ways we can all get involved + this is one organization who does what they say, they bring the solutions. Now is a great time to help them in their efforts + for every donation you make they are matching your contribution. They also guarantee that 93% of your donation goes directly to aid in their relief efforts. And, even if you can't donate there are a number of ways to get involved + Use Your Voice to affect change. I have said it before, it is all the small things that we do together that result in the biggest changes. Click on over here + get involved.

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