January 13, 2013

Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll...Accidental Brilliance Superfood+ Supplement Series

There is no doubt that there are so many different foods + supplements that you can incorporate into your daily diet to make you healthier, happier + more fit. It can sometimes get overwhelming deciding what to take or not take but, there are a few that belong on every list.  Liquid Chlorophyll doesn't get much press but, when it comes to a supplement that is packed with an amazing nutritional punch this green liquid is like gold + worth putting on the must take list. Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants that harnesses the sun’s energy in photosynthesis. When ingested it has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level and is known to help cleanse the body, fight infection, help heal wounds, and promote the health of the circulatory, digestive, immune, and detoxification systems. Chlorophyll consumption increases the number of red blood cells and, therefore, increase oxygen utilization by the body. Liquid chlorophyll also reduces the binding of carcinogens to DNA in the liver and other organs. Containing high levels of the vitamins A, C and E, liquid chlorophyll has strong antioxidant capacity and has also been found to help reduce inflammation. It contains vitamin K, C, folic acid, iron, calcium + protein: which are all also essential in building and repairing red blood cells and boosting our immune system. Most impressively it helps detoxify the body, removing built-up toxins, which can manifest in disease, skin disorders + dull skin. I take a shot each morning + can feel the difference when I skip it. You can grab a bottle in most health food stores or click on over here to order a bottle of this green powerhouse. One shot a day each morning on an empty stomach will  help you move  further along the path to optimum health !

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