January 10, 2013

Accidental Brilliance In The Beauty Bag...

Continuing on my quest to find the best in all natural beauty products- a few new favs along with a blast from the past. I can't stress how deeply I believe that everything you put on your skin should be as natural as possible...free of preservatives, parabens, sulfates + synthetic coloring. Don't forget the skin is the bodies largest organ so, essentially everything you put on the skin goes straight into the body. For me it was a decision I made many years ago, keep it natural, organic + as pure as possible when it comes to creams, potions, lotions + make-up. I keep the make-up minimal to none so that the skin can breathe but, I am all for a sweet smelling solution to keeping skin silky soft,  supple + young. Once you read the hazards + health risks in most of the products on the market, no doubt you will jump on the all natural train with me. If your curious about some of your favorite products click on over here to check out the ingredients + in many cases health risks. We only get this one body + as I always say,  it's your job to treat it right.

Get the goods- Nude Cleansing Oil available here, Shea Moisture available here, Song of India Scents available here

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