January 16, 2013

Accidental Brilliance Picks...

...layers, we all have them. Beneath what is the surface, the depth of who we truly are exists. The essence of what we are made of...the hopes, fears, goals + desires. We all have our very own blueprint, the plans in our mind's eye of how we want our lives to look. For some it is clear + for others it is a work in progress. What is essential is that,  if we are not living up to it, we must either adjust our plan or do something more to live up to it. It is the layers of our life that create the blueprint, the masterpiece that becomes who we are.  Your blueprint is not the same as anyone else's+ what works for you will not work for anyone else. The layers that you have accumulated are what make you unique. It is your job to recognize + live up to your highest potential starting right now, in this moment.

Accidental Brilliance original layout with images via chanel bags and cigarette drags, jaclynpage tumblr, pinterest

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