January 1, 2013

Benefits of Eating Clean...Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series

With the most indulgent part of the holiday season over, now is the time to get yourself ready to start  the new year in tip top shape. There is always lots of talk about cleansing and detoxing and in moderation it can be a good thing, but you need to be sure to do it it in a healthy way. Nothing overly extreme for two reasons, first because it is difficult to stick to it and second because it is not good for your body to go to extremes. There are small steps you can take, foods you can incorporate and others to eliminate to get 2013 started right.  There are so many books out on the subject, Clean by Alejandro Junger is a favorite of mine which I have written about before...easy to follow guidance and great recipes with real food as opposed to some of the strictly liquid cleanses out there. The key is eating clean food. Once you get rid of the processed food in your diet there is no doubt you will see + feel the results. I guarantee after you follow his program or any program you find that suits your needs you will feel better for it. Every once in awhile just like the mind, your body needs a break and like the title of his book you need to Clean house a little. Here is handy list of my favorite fruits + vegetables for juicing to get yourself on the road to clean livin'.

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