February 12, 2013

Accidental Brilliance Picks...

...because at the end of the day after taking on the world what is most important is that you have a warm place to come home to + real love waiting for you there. People often talk about soul mates + the beautiful realization is that you will have many soul mates in life. I call them soul connections + when you have one, you know it... it's that moment when you know that you + another person are aligned + have been brought together because you were meant to for however long it lasts,  walk beside them in life. Some are fleeting + some are forever but, each one of them challenges you, teaches + strengthens you. They also always remind you that you are never alone in life...never forget that.

Accidental Brilliance Layout + Thoughts with images via the style soup, house&home tumblr

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  1. Amazing interior!