February 5, 2013

Benefits of Superfood Smoothies...Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series

It's no secret if you hang around Accidental Brilliance that I am constantly on the hunt for new superfoods to be as healthy as possible, amp up the metabolism + get glowing skin. I have written about the benefits of juicing before and there are plenty but, juicing removes the fiber + think about how much of the precious fruit + vegetable you waste. Smoothies made from all natural fresh ingredients are no doubt the way to go instead. And by smoothies I am not talking about drinks laden with added sugars- smoothies made from wholesome organic when possible ingredients are where it's at. When you use a super high powered blender that truly breaks down the fruits + vegetables you are taking ordinary ingredients + instantly turning them into superfoods. Once broken down into a delicious smoothie they are also at their most nutritious + easiest to absorb into the body. On the whole most of us don't chew our food well enough to release all the nutrients however,  a well blended smoothie takes care of that for us. It is also the easiest way to quickly increase the amount of servings of fruits + vegetables you are getting each day. I have been pretty religious about the kale smoothie I have been drinking in the morning- the recipe below is simple + if you run out of fruit you can always add in a pre-made fruit smoothie (make sure it doesn't have any added sugars) to a few handfuls of your favorite greens like kale + spinach. To give your smoothie a superboost add in chia seeds to balance blood sugar + curb the appetite. Add in goji berries to reduce inflammation + add protein. Add in maca powder to increase vitality + increase energy. You know my motto...you only get this one body + everyday you get the chance to take the best care of it you can. 

Don't forget that any old blender won't do the trick check out the Nutri Bullet or the Vitamix + here's to happy blending.

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