February 10, 2013

Benefits of Pine Nuts...Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series...

I recently wrote about the benefits of Jasmine tea + while reading about one of my favorite teas, I came across this recipe for Nutty Jasmine Rice which highlights the delicious pine nut. I got curious about their benefits + was surprised to find out how nutrient dense this tiny nut is. Most commonly used in pesto they are so jam packed with benefits, it is worth it to include them in your favorite salads + rice dishes or just by the handful as a snack. Who knew they have a super high content of Vitamin D which helps to build stronger bones. Rich in Vitamin C so they boost immunity + contain Pinoleic Acid which makes you feel fuller faster, so they aid in weight loss. They are a great source of Iron which is great for circulatory + nervous system. And, they are full of protein + magnesium so they are an excellent source of energy. This recipe is super simple, clean + light + quick to make.

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