February 5, 2013

The GIrl Has Got It Goin' On...

Someone once told her that the best way is to live is be fully attentive to everything as-it-is, not by filtering everything but by looking at things, people + situations as they are. It is easy to get caught in the habit of judging, attempting to alter things or change people but, don't fall into that trap. Honesty is sometimes hard to have because it means that perhaps we have misjudged, misread or maybe even misunderstood something. But there are no no mistakes, there are only opportunities to grow deeper, stronger and better. If you can first take the risk to be honest enough with yourself about yourself + accept yourself as you are at this exact moment, you can open yourself up to living a truly honest life. Know that everything is as-it-is supposed to be + when it is meant to be different it will change, you will change.

Accidental Brilliance Layout + Thoughts with images via jaclynpage tumblr, streetstyle tumblr, we heart it

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