March 22, 2013

Rachel Yamagata...Playin' On Repeat

Someone asked me today what is the best advice I would give + without much thought I said...take good care of yourself + know that you deserve love + honesty. Remember to love deeply, trust, believe in yourself + when you walk away never turn your back on anything or anyone instead,  make peace with all that does not work out + realize that it will bring you closer to what is next, what is right. Memories are beautiful + they are what hold your history, your story,  as well as the foundation for your future. Live fully in the moment + do not regret anything. Speak your mind so it can be heard. Find people who understand, love + appreciate you. Never back down from something that you feel strongly in your heart + listen to your heart, always. Please no matter what, don't expect anything less than everything. Make your own magic because your magic is not like anyone else's magic.

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