April 22, 2013

Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil...Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series


Over the last few years I have become fascinated with essential oils + flower essences. I have studied up on how to mix them, how to use them for everything from layering them in place of perfume to using them to soothe + repair skin. There are so many amazing uses from massaging a few drops of lavender oil on the temples to ease a headache, to using a few drops of frankincense oil to combat feeling down or tired.  I am pretty loyal to using face oils morning + night that are packed with essential oils. I have been using one that contains a mixture of rose and carrot seed essential oils lately + after doing a little research it seems like carrot seed oil packs a pretty powerful punch. It might be one of the most underrated essential oils out there. Wellness, detoxifying + rejuvenation would be the key buzz words that would describe this oil. It has a soft earthy smell which helps activate it's proven stress relieving characteristics. When applied to the skin, the skin's epidermal cells are stimulated which keeps wrinkles in check. It is also one of the most helpful oils in trying to ease the mind + keep stress away. It has also been shown to alleviate skin problems like acne, psoriasis, wounds + dry skin. When applied to sore muscles it amps up circulation + blood flow to the area, so it is great after a workout or to help relieve arthritis. There are all sorts of uses for this wonderful oil but, this simple to make face mask is a favorite for detoxifying + revealing glowing skin.


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