April 1, 2013

Benefits of Omega 7...Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series

For me there is no end to the quest to live the healthiest life I can. My radar is always up to find supplements, potions + tricks to feel strong, stay young + look my best. I have been using Sea Buckthorn or Omega 7 topically as a face oil for quite sometime + think it does wonders for the skin. I got curious about taking it as a supplement + was pleasantly surprised to find out how amazing this supplement is in the pursuit of healthy skin, hair + overall well-being. There is plenty of hype about Omega Fatty Acids or fish oils however Sea Buckthorn derived from plants which contains many of the omega fatty acids contains one that sets it apart- Omega 7. It is proven to rejuvenate the skin + promote healthy healing. It has also been researched as a  powerful source of nourishment for the skin's collagen + elasticity helping to stave off or reverse wrinkles.  Omega 7 is without a doubt a key building block to enabling healthy skin, hair and nails. It also helps the body maintain itself in many other ways including helping to counteract weight gain, maintain digestive + respiratory tract wellness as well as neutralize free radicals which means,  it is key in the journey towards anti-aging. For each of us the journey is different to wellness but as I always say, you deserve to feel strong, well + happy. It is up to you to take charge of your health...mind, body + spirit.

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