November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks...

...and so it is thanks we give during these days of Gently reminded that it is not simply the good in our lives that we must be thankful for. It is instead the adversity,  the people who have challenged us, the situations that have not worked out, the fears we have collected, the doubts we must overcome to get where it is we are meant to go...that is where we must give thanks.  I am learning these days, it is wisest to face what I am afraid of head on...learning that with gratitude we must accept ourselves, our entire selves + know that it is all the facets of ourselves that makes us each beautiful- makes us each unique. Our life will unfold in the most magnificent way if we let it, if we do not stand in the way. If we find the fears we have collected + let them go...if we take the risk that we know in our heart will lead us in the right direction- the path will become clear. Gather them all up- the doubts that have been holding you back. You are strong, you are powerful + you are you...remember, there is nobody else like you- your magic is not like anyone else's...that I promise + that I am thankful for. Follow your grace,  it will release you.

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