January 5, 2014

Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series...Benefits of Fennel Seeds


I recently started drinking a tea that has fennel seeds infused in it + not only is the taste really pleasant, I feel the effects after I drink it. I got curious about all the health benefits of this tiny little seed and got to researching. Fennel seeds have a similar flavor to licorice and anise and are naturally sweet + add something really special when brewed in a tea. The seeds are rich in flavonoids that act as antioxidants to protect against free radical damage, combat cancer, slow degenerative diseases, and reduce oxidative stress to the cardiovascular system. The fiber in fennel seeds acts as a cleanser in the digestive system. Essential oils in these seeds help ease muscle spasms, reduce inflammation.Fennel was considered an herb for eyesight in ancient India and Rome. Extracts have shown some promise in improving the symptoms of glaucoma. Fennel has beneficial effects on memory and cognitive function. They also contain phytoestrogens that can help balance hormones. Fennel seeds and their phytonutrients reduce asthma symptoms and help clear the sinuses. They make a great tea to aid with bronchitis, congestion, and cough as they have expectorant properties. The fiber and essential oils in fennel seeds helps the body remove toxins. There are different ways to incorporate fennel into your diet but I gotta say steeped in a cup of warm tea is my new favorite way !

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