May 2, 2014

Love what she is wearing...

Never underestimate that your confidence, your attitude is what the universe responds to. Don’t sit back + let life pass you by. Do something, do anything to show the universe that you want more. Don’t settle for less than you know in your heart you deserve. Just because things are difficult, it does not mean that they are impossible. The universe sees everything. Try, try harder today than you did yesterday. Do not worry that things have not worked out as you believed they should have. Things work out as they are meant to, although that is hard to believe- they do. Try, try as hard as you can because the universe sees you getting up each day + trying. The universe rewards those who don’t give up, give in or sit around. Find your confidence even if it is hiding deep down inside. Don’t let anything, any little thing keep you down- GET UP + fight.

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